Self Efficacy

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Welcome to “How to Transcend Limiting Beliefs”. The title was changed to “Self Efficacy” for search function purposes. In this course, you will learn how to clearly identify the limiting beliefs within you which you are consciously or unconsciously choosing that keep you from having the experiences you prefer. Beliefs, positive or negative have a job to perpetuate themselves in order to give you a stronger sense of reality. You are ALWAYS motivated to choose the beliefs that you find to be in your best interest, however, they may not always serve you positively. We pick up beliefs from our parents, friends, and society that are not resonant with who we are as high vibrational beings. This is why they don’t sit well within us. 

In short: In this self-efficacy course, you will learn technically how emotions and belief systems work, what their purpose is why we have them. You will learn how they perpetuate themselves and why they can be so difficult to change. You will learn how to change your beliefs to ones that you prefer no matter how “deep” they may seem or how long you have had them. 

It is my passion to self-efficacy with you. I am a very specific and technical person with this topic, no fluff, but you do need to be open-minded. I do back up my theories with personal examples as this is what has worked for myself. The material in this course comes from years of my own experience of self-exploration in transforming my own beliefs that I picked up from my past and I hope it serves you well.


Course Instructor

Aniel K Kumar Imprints Aniel K Kumar Imprints Author

Aniel K Kumar is the author of Amazon #1 Bestseller “Success Imprints- How to Build Interest Towards Study with Passion”. He is the best Life Coach in India, a Student Path-shower, Teacher Trainer and Memory Master. He is an energetic Young NLP Master Life Coach for Corporate, Business and Success. NLP is a very empowering human mind technique, which brings personal change by bringing a change in a person’s mind.

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