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Importance of belief system


Do you think, what is the importance of belief system? The plan is your, dream is your so what stop you to succeed in life. Your past experience, social bonding and learnings create your belief system. In this article, we will discuss in detail. [...]

What is self image

Self Image

It is the self-perception about a person himself or your own mental image. Describes your own the characteristics, like you are intelligent or dull, beautiful or ugly, talented or foolish, selfish or kind etc are called self-image. It is a reflection of his strengths and weaknesses from his point of view.[...]

How to deal with exam stress?

3 Secrets to Beat Exam Stress

n the present scenario, we saw our nation become the capital of psychosomatic disease, autoimmune and lifestyle disorders. As the survey shows that most people are suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. Here we will learn how to beat exam stress. People do not know how to [...]