Self Image ! How to build awesome self image?



What is self image

What is self image?

It is the self-perception about a person himself or your own mental image. Describes your own the characteristics, like you are intelligent or dull, beautiful or ugly, talented or foolish, selfish or kind etc are called self image.  It is a  reflection of his strengths and weaknesses from his point of view.

How self image is created?

It is created by the learning of surrounding. The person has the ultimate self-esteem at the time of birth. We all as parents, friends, peers and other society members start feeding and designing her self confidence and image.  Their behaviours, actions and teaching show in her self image. Person acceptance become his beliefs about himself.

Now as the person feels about himself, it may be a true image or a distorted as well. It is building a strong (positive image) or a weak (negative image). It will define the level of confidence, behaviour and performance in every aspect of life. Watch the appended video to know more in details.

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How to protect Self Image

It is a product of learning from outer world of a person, like Parents/friends/peers and they should avoid using negative words for anyone. These feedings are shaping self-esteem. Let’s understand the ways of self esteem shaping:

  1. The way a person perceives or thinks of him/herself.
  2. How a person interprets others’ perceptions (or what he thinks others think) of him/herself.
  3. The person would like to be (his ideal self). Compare

Let’s understand how a person evaluates his/her :

  1. Appearance is Physical dimension.
  2. Personality is Psychological dimension.
  3. Intelligence is an Intellectual dimension.
  4. Social and technical skills are Skill dimension.
  5. Values and principles are Moral dimension.
  6. How a person feels he or she fits into society’s masculine/feminine norms is Sexual dimension.

Let’s watch the appended video to know more in details.

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How to build Self image?

It is not permanently fixed. It is build of past experience and accepted beliefs. Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) is an effective tool to change it easily. NLP as a tool works to install belief in the subconscious mind. Watch the appended video to know more in details.

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Self Talk (Affirmations) 

Self talk or affirmations are playing a vital role in it building. Positive Affirmations leads to program subconscious mind for awesome self image. The regular 21 days repetitions of positive affirmations with strong intention create new beliefs. Watch the appended video to know more in details.

Daily Positive Affirmations in Hindi


Visualisation is a process where a person associates his emotions with his beliefs and past experiences. It helps to break old beliefs and install a new one. It helps to rebuild self image in the subconscious mind. Visualization and subconscious mind make low of attraction more effective to grow faster. Watch the appended video to enjoy visualisation in details.

Visualization exercise  in Hindi 

These are specific tools which help to protect and build a person’s self image. If you feel to understand it in more depth and want to join our online course. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

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